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We not only teach riding but we also teach horsemanship. Before we do anything, we have an introduction period. You must first get introduced to the pony or horse. We teach you to start from the ground. We start up from huff pit (this cleans the horses feet). We show you the different brushes that are used for different parts of the horses body. You use a comb for the tail and mane. Hard brushes and soft brushes are used for different parts of the horse's body. All of this is done before you put the blanket and saddles on. Next we will show you how to put the blanket and saddle on the pony or horse. Now you are ready to ride.

We offer:

Private Sessions

Group Sessions

  • 5 people
  • 10 people
  • 15 people (this is the maximum amount of people allowed for a group session)

Lessons start April through July and resume again in September and October.

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'Pony Man Horseback Riding Lessons'

Riding Lessons

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