The purpose of this camp is to teach horsemanship and give riding lessons. Campers will leave this camp with knowledge of how to groom, saddle, ride and interact with ponies and horses. They will also learn the basics of horsemanship ethics.


The camp instruction will take place at Temple Hills Community Center, Ponies Unlimited farm and one of the PG Commission parks in the Temple Hills area.

All campers will be required to wear the following daily:

  1. Long pants or jeans
  2. Boots (No designer high heel styles)
  3. Horseback Riding Helmets ( Campers will be able to borrow one or bring their own).
  4. Hair nets (Will be provided for campers borrowing helmets).

                Tentative Daily Schedule

For more information you can contact us by the contact form on this page, by email: theponyman@poniesunlimited.com

or call:



The Temple Hills Day Camp Director will also be able to answer your questions.

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Maurice J. Queen

Horseback Riding Camp

Temple Hills Community Center

Summer 2016

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